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Príncipe de Noruega

"Dialogue does not impose, it does not manipulate, it does not domesticate, it does not stigmatizes."


Paulo Freire.

We are a non-governmental foundation (NGO), non-profit, without distinction of social, political, race or religion. Our main objective is to generate, analyze and disseminate diagnoses and interventions of factors associated with the causes and effects of social behaviors with an interdisciplinary approach, based on the philosophy of participatory action research (in English known as Community-based Participatory Action Research).

Our history


The idea was born in 2018 inspired by the work of hundreds of people who, from the territories, work for peace. It had its first breath in the Guaviare territories, when we began to build experiences with people in the process of reincorporation and peasants and, at the same time, in the Chiquinquirá prison with political prisoners. At this time we had the name of Center for Participatory Research and Action for Peace and Reconciliation, a name that was inspired by the peace process between the National Government and the Colombian guerrilla of the FARC-EP. However, after a couple of months, we fell in love with the words Uma Kiwe for the processes of education and defense of the territories of the Nasa people leads in various parts of the country and we adopted it with the aim of honoring the forced displacement suffered by this and other groups in Colombia, their resilience and the appropriation of their territories.

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At the end of the year 2018, its founders decided to formalize the idea and begin the journey accompanied by their families, friends and acquaintances. It took the name of Fundación Centro de Investigación y Acción Participativa (CIAP) Uma Kiwe and was formalized in 2019. This project would not be the same without the unconditional support of all the people and institutions that accompanied us on this path and of the people who believed in us and helped us grow.

We had stumbles and with the flow of time and people we became stronger and we learned that our objective of working together with the communities, peace and non-violence prevails over everything else.

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