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What does Uma Kiwe mean?

Semilla, Mesetas, Meta.
Cascada, Mesetas, Meta.

Uma Kiwe, or "mother earth", are two words of the Nasa Yuwe indigenous community; established mainly in the north of the department of Cauca and a key example of indigenous political participation and organization in Colombia.


We chose this name referring to the territory from which we emerge to become conscious beings of ourselves and our environment from the feeling of thinking. The name Uma Kiwe allows us to relate directly to the earth to care for, defend and liberate it; although it also leads us to find in this relationship, the collective and community construction because it is "home to all beings."



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The foundational elements are represented in a minimalist and focused way. The bird takes on a particular representation that the charge of strength, energy, and decision, placing itself in the heart of the orchid, a flower whose petals maintain an open composition. These characteristics together with the compositional form represent the aspirations to move towards a peaceful and dialoguing scenario.

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